December 2, 2015 we experienced our first dog loss. Scrappy was suffering from something for approximately 2 years and we were never able to find the cause. 


We woke up to find him swollen beyond belief that day and the vet who was treating him agreed it was time for him to go to the rainbow bridge. In memory, we will say he was a big dumb love bug. Sweet as pie, but no manners and a big goof ball! 


He loved everyday like it was a gift and surprise. Scrappy was never an unhappy or unfriendly dog. He loved everyone and everything...except cats, he only loved chasing them lol! It was a sad day to let him go, but he is now free to run with all the other pets that have crossed the bridge. Hopefully, he will find his original owner and have fun with him. Goodbye to a big goof ball!!!