Frequently asked questions



 Q: What do we feed our dogs?A: We feed them Exceed chicken & rice mixed with salmon & pea flavors regularly. They are also supplemented with chicken livers, calf livers, and beef livers(especially when females are pregnant, nursing, or in recovery from doing either). Our pack also enjoys fresh striper caught during the summer since we are located very close to the water. Our nursing and pregnant females and puppies are fed Taste of the Wild high prairie mix.

Q: Do we do genetic testing:
A: We are beginning genetic testing this fall. All lines have come from reputable breeders and most have done genetic tests on generations behind our dogs, but we have not started yet. This has been delayed. If you have a question, ask me why.

Q: When are puppies available to go home?
A: Puppies are not available to go home until 8 weeks of age. It is detrimental to their well being to do so. Some pups can be held longer than that if any food or behavior issues are noticed as their mother and other pups are the best for working out that behavior.

Q: Are there any temperment problems in my pack?
A: NO. I would not be breeding bad temperments into any lines and would love a dog with a bad temperment, but most definitely not breed them. We have removed dogs from the breeding program that we believed had a not so great temperment.

Q: How do we vaccinate our dogs:
A: We vaccinate ourselves with a SPECTRA 5Way vaccine from DrsFoster&Smith but do have our vet come out on site to do their rabies vaccinations himself.

Q: Fleas?Heartworm Preventatives?
A: We use Advantix2 for fleas, flies, and ticks. Sentinel, our heartworm prevenatitive is also a deterrent for fleas, whipworms and roundworms. Monthly applications are given to each dog.

​Q: Do we breed for eye color?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We breed to ensure the breed standard. Sometimes there is a flaw in my line, as far as a show dog would be concerned, but it is because I am pulling something else from that genepool...IE temperment, coat quality, tail set, teeth alignment, etc. Quality, health, and temperment are our breeding protocols. I am partial to parti-eyes myself, but to breed specifically for eye color is not something we do. We also do not FORCE dogs to breed. If dogs do not want to breed, we take it as a sign that they know something we do not and allow them that choice. Ive seen people force pairs and end up with disastrous results :(

Q: Do we show?
A: NO...I don't really like the politics of the "SHOW" ring...and that is all I will say about it. be continued...