About Us



We have been breeding siberian husky puppies since 2004,  this is my passion and everyone else kinda just falls in line... 


We are now located in Southern Maryland, but originally from New Jersey. Our family consists of Me, my husband, and 4 children ages 21, 17, 16, and 4yr. Altogether we have 14 dogs and 4 cats also claim they live here ;)  


  Ever since I fell in love with my first husky, I have pretty much devoted my life to them second only to my children. So, those are my full time jobs. I've learned from them how to train them and with that I hopefully will be able to make your new addition as easy as I can because I can save you the "trial & error" time :) I have learned that not EVERYTHING they say about huskies is TRUE & not EVERYTHING is listed in a book or the internet either.

     Huskies can be loving, playful, lazy, smart, athletic, ingenious, devious, destructive,  & houdinis, but NEVER EVIL OR AGGRESSIVE. Most of their destructive behavior is either boredom or lack of supervision as a pup. Almost any dog who is trained properly WILL NOT engage in negative behaviors. The only destructive behavior I have ever seen a properly trained husky engage in is DIGGING...and honestly, this is their nature and really cannot be trained away, so you will either have to teach them where its OK to dig or NOT have a husky because if you don't allow that natural instinct at some level, it can turn into destructive behavior. I recommend CRATE/KENNEL during housebreaking & manners training as they are confined & cannot engage in negative behaviors while unsupervised. Usually this takes about 3-4 months & you will be able to trust your husky with everything EXCEPT being off leash...WHICH IS NEVER RECOMMENDED FOR ANY HUSKY NO MATTER HOW WELL YOU THINK THEY LISTEN. 



I have been an AKC Siberian  Husky breeder for over 12 years. We pride ourselves on healthy, genetically sound, good tempered, family raised pups. There are four generations on premises. We love our Siberian Husky pups  and our Siberian husky puppies are for sale a few times a year in Maryland and can be delivered to MD NJ DE NY ME MA RI VA 

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