This is the most current updated research on cataracts in the husky. There, at this point, seems to be no way to be sure that even a double carrier dog will develop the cataracts in their eyes. Also, sometimes dogs with no genes for it develop cataracts. It is for these reasons we feel it unethical for us to provide a guarantee on cataracts and believe it is a chance we are all taking to continue loving the breed we love! We do not breed dogs with cataracts showing, however, this is a very common gene in all of these furbabies. Genetic tests, nor eye exams can rule this out. We do our absolute best to ensure a quality pup. We have kept some of the pups we have bred for our own pets and family and friends also have them. In all of our years of breeding and loving this breed(12+) we have only 2 reports of ever seeing a cataract show up. This is not to say we do not cover other eye disorders such as glaucoma, or progressive retinal atrophy, but cataracts is still very very misunderstood in the breed. Breeding dogs displaying signs of any of these disorders would be unethical and we would never do that, however, genetics is not the only reason cataracts come about and we are positive we are doing our best to ensure a quality pup to spend a great many years as part of your family. Families keep in touch with us via facebook and email so we will know if there are any problems in our lines en masse. We do hope that you appreciate the honesty that we are providing you with and also understand our view on this matter.